Manasota Theatre Organ Society

Manasota Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society

Performance Venue:
The Classical Academy Auditorium 8000 Bee Ridge Rd. Sarasota FL.

Grace Community Church Auditorium


17-Second Timelapse of Grace Community Church Auditorium March 2019 (Video plays repeatedly in a loop)

2017 Celebrating 25 years of MTOS

MTOS Anniversary Group
Members give the "Two-Five" Salute for the 25th Anniversary

The Grace Church Auditorium, and MTOS

MTOS has a wonderful relationship with the Grace Church congregation. It is through the generosity of the church that our theatre organ society is able to present numerous musical programs and silent films to the public in their auditorium. We gratefully thank them for allowing us to do so.

A word about listening to our Wurlitzer, and viewing silent films...

The pipe-chambers for our J. Tyson Forker Memorial Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ are located in the corners of each side of the stage. The acoustics of the auditorium can be appreciated from everywhere in the room. However, because the projection-screen for the silent films is located above the center of the stage, the best viewing is had by choosing a seat in the middle-row.

We MTOS members enjoy celebrating the anniversary of our organization. Become a MTOS Member and join us for the next anniversary party!

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