Manasota Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society

J. Tyson Forker Memorial Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ

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2019 Concert Season


Mar. 17, 2019 2:30 PM

Musical Concert

2003 American Theatre Organ Society George Wright Memorial Fellowship

How YOU can support the Theatre Pipe-Organ Art-Form

A great way to support the theatre-organ art-form is through membership in the American Theatre Organ Society. Click the ATOS logo for more info, or visit

You can also choose to support your local ATOS chapter by joining MTOS. A one-year membership is $25 and specifically goes toward our 4-manual, 32-rank Tyson J. Forker Memorial Wurlitzer theatre pipe-organ.

Join us on the third Sunday of each month at 2:00 PM from October through April to hear theatre pipe organ music at its best.  January through March will feature paid concertizing by international organists.

Theatre Organist Clark Wilson

Society Meetings

Besides our concert season (January through March) our chapter holds several Society Meetings. They are in October, November, December, April, and May of each year. We begin at 2:00 PM with light refreshments and socializing. Afterwards, we assemble in the auditorium for a short business-meeting. During this time we discuss theatre pipe organs, performers, and technical aspects. After our meeting we enjoy a free performance by a well-known artist from here in the USA. These virtuoso performers also appear in such venues as churches, and even sporting arenas. What’s a hockey game without an organist?
After our guest-performance we open the console for anyone in attendance who wants to take her for a spin. When was the last time you got to fly a 747 while simultaneously pedaling a bicycle? Well…this is nothing like that, but we promise that you’ll feel like you’re flying when you take the controls of this beast.
Please join us for these informal meetings and consider becoming a member. Our meetings are open to the public and all are welcome to attend.

Upcoming 2019 Society Meeting Guest Performances


APR 14, 2019 2:00 PM

Society Meeting - Guest Performance

Lifetime Achievement Award Atlanta Theatre Organ Society

McCall was honored with a first prize in the ATOS Hobbyist Division in 2002 which led to a professional career as a theatre organist. He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Atlanta Chapter ATOS following his solo concert at the Rylander Theatre, October 16, 2010.
In addition to being an honorary member of Manasota ATOS and an active member of the Atlanta Chapter, he is a lifetime member of England’s Theatre Organ Club and the Lancastrian Theatre Organ Society. His recordings are featured on ATOS Theatre Organ Radio and “Hot Pipes.”

His most recent CD recordings are “Calling Mr. Miller” and “Florida Fanfare” recorded at the Forker Memorial Wurlitzer, Sarasota Florida.


That gorgeous instrument up there on stage in the Grace Auditorium (and in the pipe-chambers) is a million dollar mechanical and technical wonder in its own right, but it takes a masterful organist to make it sing. Check out images of artists from previous performances, and also learn some biographical info about each.

Theatre pipe organs are immensely complex. They each require constant maintenance of their components, and vigilance about their ‘voice’.  This one has more bells and whistles (we really have bells and whistles!) than you can shake a stick at. Get an inside-look at how it all works and listen to some sample music.

This modern church was built with the intention of housing a fine pipe organ. So it seems fitting that Grace Church would agree to host our Wurlitzer. We have had a long relationship with this congregation. Have a look around their auditorium.

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